Watch the New Trailer for the Wet Hot American Summer Prequel Series

Comedy Video Wet Hot American Summer
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Listen to the man: it’s almost time to get to know Camp Firewood all over again. The Wet Hot American Summer revival comes to Netflix on July 31, but you can catch a sneak peak in the trailer above, which easily could’ve aired during a Saturday afternoon Creature Feature ad break on your local UHF station in 1983. Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp’s eight episodes will gather together everybody from the original movie (yes, even Zak Orth!) and introduce a bevy of your favorite actors and comediennes into the Camp Firewood mythology. (Just look at who’s in this thing.) The only problem we see with this plan is that we won’t be able to watch the entire thing straight through on July 4, which as of right now looks like a boring early summer Saturday with absolutely nothing special or important going on Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp is available only on Netflix, so make sure you own one of the dozens of devices that Netflix is now playable on.