10 Style Tips From New Girl

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New Girl encourages quirkiness in all of us, whether it is the urge to play True American or the onscreen realization of our secret Prince fantasies. The show is tantamount to a loyal yet dysfunctional friend with impeccable style, thanks to the general snazziness of Zooey Deschanel and her seemingly endless supply of retro looks. (Oh, the cardigans!)

Below are some style tips we’ve picked up from this adorable show.

1. When in Doubt, Bang it Out

No matter what anyone says, Jess and Cece have flawless bangs. They’re big, shiny and downright inspirational. If you are brave enough, commit to the ‘do. It’s a low maintenance way to freshen up your look.

2. Don’t Be Uptight, Wear Tights

It’s no secret that Jessica Day loves tights. She wears them in almost every episode, pairing them with every bottom imaginable. Even if you aren’t as obsessed with leg coverage as Jess, tights are undeniably a wardrobe essential, and the funkier the better. Next time you want to add something extra to an outfit, take initiative like Jess and throw on a pair.

3. Dress it Up

No matter what the season, dresses are a must. Jess favors party dresses with flirty hemlines that accentuate her legs, while Cece goes for a sexier look with sleek body-con numbers. You can dress dresses up or down (pun intended) by adding jeans or leggings underneath.

4. Layer with Cardigans

Most New Girl characters seem to be fans of the cardigan, with the exception of Nick Miller. Nick once told Jess, “You wear a cardigan on top of another cardigan,” so it’s safe to say that Ms. Day enjoys a good cardy or two, usually in bright colors that contrast with the colors in her outfits. Even Schmidt has been known to pair this glorious incarnation of the sweater with his favorite driving moccasins.

5. Invest in Good Flats

Flats are a wardrobe staple, especially for city-dwellers. Jess must also believe in this style mantra, given that she has the most charming collection of flats the world has ever seen. We swoon over her array of bright patterns and stripes and color-blocked oxfords.

6. Look to the Past

Jess is an eccentric woman, and her particular breed of whimsy comes out in her wardrobe choices. (Think red tutus.) Much of her charm fueled by a love of classic retro pieces. From frilly A-line party dresses to Mod style frocks, Jess makes the vintage look work in modern day.

7. Embrace Patterns

Polka dots, houndstooth, gingham and checkers may be daunting words to some, but they don’t have to be. Jess frequently wears prints and makes it look easy. From subtle swiss dots to giant florals, incorporating patterns into your closet can help to mix up an otherwise basic wardrobe.

8. Don’t Be Afraid to Be Sexy

The cast of New Girl is good looking, okay? Schmidt is addicted to hair products, wears suits to appear dapper at all times and is always pushing style advice on his fellow roommates. Cece is a model-turned-bartender who knows what to wear and how to wear it, and counsels Jess on how to add a little sex kitten to her look. While the duo is admittedly a little vain, they exude confidence, and that’s always attractive. Look to Cece and Schmidt as your style gurus and get inspired.

9. Accessorize

It never hurts to add kitschy trinkets to your collection. Think bunny phone covers, square frames, geometric clutches and sparkly yet delicate necklaces. Have some fun with your personal style, and don’t be afraid to splurge on something a little strange to make an outfit more eye-catching. Those pizza slice earrings? Buy them.

10. Own Your Look

Jess admits she likes being weird, and that is the key to her appeal as a stylish character. New Girl constantly reaffirms that it really doesn’t matter what you decide to wear, as long as it makes you feel good about yourself. If you like adorning cutesy dresses with animal print accessories and striped flats, more power to you. Be confident, own your look and you can do no wrong.

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