Animation Software Used by Futurama and Studio Ghibli is Going Open Source

You, too, can animate like a royalty, without the princess (Mononoke) price tag

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The prayers of many starving animation artists out there may have finally been answered. Cartoon Brew reports that the same animation software used by Futurama and Studio Ghibli will soon be available for the low price of…nothing.

Toonz, the software of choice for both Rough Draft (the studio behind Futurama) and Studio Ghibli (Spirited Away, Princess Mononoke), will soon be going open source and available to anyone with cartoon aspirations.

On March 26, Toonz will offer professional quality services at an amateur cost, and the free version will include some custom features that were developed specifically for Ghibli films over the years.

A premium version of Toonz will be still be available for the animation snobs, but the free version will remove the financial barrier for the rest of us doodling dreamers.

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