Top 10 Most Beautifully Designed iOS Apps

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Whether you have an iPhone or an Android, everyone can appreciate an app that is simple to use and easy on the eyes. We’ve found 10 apps that aren’t just practical but also have gorgeous features. Be prepared for the slew of pretty downloads coming your way.

10. UNIQLO Wake Up

UNIQLO is a sophisticated app that plays music to wake you up and changes the tune based on the weather. For example, if it’s raining outside, your wake up music will be somber. If it’s sunny, the app plays a happier tune. It also sings the time, the date and the weather outside when the alarm goes off, and has multiple language options.
Cost: Free

9. WeTransfer

If you’re always on the go, WeTransfer, the file sharing website that puts Dropbox to shame, has invented an app to help you upload and download files on your mobile phone. The app is effortless to use. You simply upload the files from your phone, type in the recipient’s e-mail and with the click of a button, the files are on their way. WeTransfer allows you to send up to 2 gigabytes at a time, so you can send anything from your new mixtape to your favorite photo album.
Cost: Free

8. Over

For Instagram aficionados and graphic designer geeks, Over lets you design to your heart’s content using photographs already stored in your phone. Over’s interface clearly lays out the available customizable options with a scrolling wheel, where you can edit photos, add words or doodles and share your creations.
Cost: $1.99

7. Paper

Facebook’s new social app, Paper, has a clean, personalized design that offers a brand new way to view your newsfeed. Paper makes it easy to scroll back through your past timeline posts as if it were a digital time capsule, giving a full page to each individual story. The app also works as a mobile news reader and gathers various articles based on your interests.
Cost: Free

6. Taasky

Taasky is a minimalistic but colorful app that makes your to-do list appear less intimidating. The app features an option where you can order your tasks in order of importance, and is also offers different categories for each project. Whether it’s a grocery list, chore list, or something more personal, Taasky can help you stay organized.
Cost: $1.99 for iOS only

5. Yummly

Foodies beware. Yummly displays beautiful photographs alongside a multitude of delicious recipes. Users can peruse a database with millions of categories, based on dietary preferences and what is trending. Once you’ve found a recipe you want to use, the app prepares a shopping list based on the ingredients needed and indicates the calories in the recipe, as well as how long it will take to prepare. With Yummly, can easily figure out if you have the time to cook the meal you select.
Cost: Free

4. Keezy

Keezy encourages your inner digital music rockstar with simple and colorful tiles. The app has pre-recorded songs and sound effects so you can click a tile to make your own remix. You can also record your own sounds and the app will play them back. If you are feeling extra creative, you can compose your own arrangement within a few clicks.
Cost: Free for iOS only

3. Threes!

Threes is a great game to play when you really need to get your cerebral juices flowing. The app features a math oriented puzzle, which requires your brain to think of different strategies that add up to the number three. You simply swipe up, down, left or right to add the numbers together and make a multiple of three. When you’ve run out of cards, the app rewards you with a confetti party!
Cost: $1.99

2. Peek Calendar

Peek Calendar is a minimalistic app that brings a portable calendar or planner to your fingertips. Simply click the day you want to look at and the app will unfold your planned activities. Once you’ve programed your schedule into the app, it will remind you when you have an upcoming event. Peek Calendar also comes with remarkable gesture commands, as you can shade the app with your palm and it will tell you what time it is or shake your phone and it will suggest something fun to do!
Cost: $1.99

1. Starbucks

Life just got easier for coffee addicts. Starbucks unveiled a new update to their app that gives your gold card a new level of accessible beauty. Now, all of your information is available on one screen, and your rewards, free downloads and account history are easily visible. The app also conveniently shows where you can find the closest Starbucks location or how to add more money to your gold card.
Cost: Free