20 Boards For Man-Spiration on Pinterest

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If you’ve spent much time on Pinterest, you know that there are a lot of wedding gown boards, fall decor ideas, and workout inspiration guides. Women outnumber men two to one, so for every bowtie tutorial, you’ll see three or four boards covered with full skirts and peep-toe pumps. Male users are a growing demographic, though, and it’s boards like these that keep guys coming back!

1. Men’s Style
1.5 million followers can’t be wrong. Daniel Hunley’s menswear board epitomizes classic style that is easy to emulate. Featuring both work and leisure outfits, he’ll keep you stylish regardless of the occasion.

2. Guy Gifts
An oft-forgotten hidden benefit of Pinterest is that you can make a wishlist so your mom/girlfriend/sister/friends never have to wonder what to get you again. This slick board is replete with awesome presents any guy would be stoked to unwrap.

3. Eat Like A Man
Esquire’s wildly popular column has its own Pinterest board, which will guide you through making the perfect baked chicken and where to get America’s best burgers.

4. Men’s Jewelry
Check out David Llewellyn’s slick board of vintage and modern pocketwatches, rings, necklaces, and bracelets, which run the gamut from ornate to industrial.

5: Vintage Pinups
Since X-rated content is verboten on Pinterest, pinup boards have proliferated. This is an almost-NSFW board dedicated to the sex symbols of yesteryear.

6. American Muscle Cars
Focused on cars from the 60s and 70s, there are thousands of jaw-dropping marvels of American engineering on this board that will keep you repinning for hours.

7. Camping and Backpacking Gear
From ultralight backpacks to camping hacks to mummy bags, there’s a how to, a buying guide, or a list of tips for outdoorsmen of every experience level.

8. S P A C E S
Decorating your bachelor pad? Follow Thomas Murphy’s spare, masculine interior design board for ideas on how to make your apartment look its best.

9. Beards
Whether you’re just starting to grow out your five o’clock shadow or it’s been No Shave November for you for years, get some beard envy from the fine fellows on this board, all of whom sport formidable facial hair.

10. The Shoe Snob Accessories
Good shoes are pricey, so follow this board for tips and tools for keeping them shined up and you well-heeled.

11: Board of Man
A hodge podge of dudely things, there’s no rhyme or reason to what you’ll find here, but you’ll find yourself returning to it again and again for jokes, pretty ladies, and fun ideas for adventures.

12. Marty McFly Campbell’s Hats
Everyone loves a man in a hat, and Marty’s ever-expanding collection is a great jumping-off point for the novice lid-wearer.

13. The Board with No Name
Brad Baard’s untitled collection of beautiful things defies categorization, but it showcases what Pinterest can do: store all your awesome ideas in one place until you’re sure what to do with them.

14. Ties
Graham McCree’s board delivers no less than the highest quality neckwear from basic to deluxe. Learn to tie a bowtie or get ideas for a new tie tack or tie bar.

15. It’s Five O’Clock Somewhere
Thrillist has compiled the ultimate drinking board: recreating classic cocktails, craft beers, innovations in drinking technology, and intros to wine and liquor tasting notes.

16. namaste
Think yoga is all ladies doing downward facing dog and breathing exercises? Take a look at Kyle Newton’s men’s yoga board to be inspired by the strength and flexibility these poses take.

17. Apartment Therapy Tours and DIYs
Every man has thought about building his own home at some point or another, but Apartment Therapy can help you break that dream down into manageable steps. Their collection of interiors and renovation projects will get you on your way.

18. Gadgets
Ray Dennis wows with a mix of new technology, vintage throwbacks, and wearables. Fair warning: You’re going to want all of them.

19. MySports
Luke Dean-Weymark’s board packed with extreme sports photos will ignite your desire to live on the edge, even if that just means inching forward on the couch.

20. Beer
Even the most dedicated brew snob will unearth unknown pleasures on this board, dedicated to the coolest craft beers around.