Check Out This Austin Brewery's Anti-Trump "Impeach" Saison

Drink News Friends & Allies Brewing
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Austin’s Friends & Allies Brewing is the latest to use the platform of a brewery to take a shot at President Trump, releasing a new peach saison that is literally known as “Impeach.” That would be good enough all on its own, but the image above really ties things together, evoking both Trump’s hairstyle via peach leaf, as well as his … well, let’s just say “butt face,” shall we? You can see the full label in the brewery’s Instagram post below.

Friends & Allies describes the beer succinctly as “an amazing 5.6% saison brewed with Texas peaches and (a) big dose of innuendo.” In an interview with Austin 360, co-founder Devon Ponds said the following:

“It’s peach season here in Texas, so naturally we decided to release a peach beer. At the same time as we watched the politics of the last year unfold, the creative production side of our brewery decided to poke a little fun at our thin-skinned president.”

Given that Trump does tend to bruise like a peach, at least emotionally (and on Twitter), the comparison could hardly be more apt. It should be noted that the “label” below appears to simply be an artistic mock-up, as it sounds like the beer is draft only. Perhaps we can get a crowler or growler shipped up to the Paste office for political and thirst-slaking perusal? Either way, it’s good for a laugh.

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