Good Brothers Ginger Brew Review

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Good Brothers Ginger Brew Review

I’m obsessed with ginger — be it ale or beer, as long as it’s made with real ginger, it’s worth a try. When I had to take a break from alcohol for health reasons, I turned to the soft stuff and quickly developed a two-a-day habit, which just as rapidly turned into a ginger beer belly. Between the bulge in my middle and a developing cavity in my mouth, I eventually had to take a break.

But when Good Bros. Ginger Brew hit the Asheville market, the temptation was too great. And now I’m in trouble, as it’s easily the best thing to happen to ginger since Jack McBrayer.

Bartenders themselves, founders of Good Brothers Jeff Daniels and Max Karcheski wanted to create a ginger brew that’s “as good as the best, but not like the rest.” After a year and a half of researching, taste testing, and focus grouping, they finally nailed down a recipe they loved about three months ago in the form of their original flavor. True to their goal, it ranks right up there with Fever Tree and Barritts as far as the quality goes, but has its own distinct flavor, like fresh ginger straight out of a bento box. It’s spicy, but not too spicy, and my favorite aspect: it’s not too sweet.

It made my Moscow Mule notably more refreshing, and my bourbon and ginger as smooth as a baby’s bottom (if babies’ bottoms were liquefied and drinkable). In addition to the original flavor, they also make a Thai lemongrass basil, pineapple, and habanero blood orange (which I can’t wait to try in a margarita). The only setback was the sticker shock at $15 per 6-pack. But that’s the price you pay for high-quality, local, small batch goodness, which is what you get with Good Bros.

As for where to get it, it’s currently available straight from their HQ at the Asheville Food Park, behind the bar and by the bottle at Aloft Asheville, and at select Asheville tailgate markets. For the most up-to-date locations and info, you can follow them on Facebook, or just follow them around — but that might get creepy.

Brewery: Good Brothers
City: Asheville, N.C.
Style: Ginger beer
Availability: Year round, but only in Asheville right now