This Beer is Specifically Meant for Shower Drinking

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This Beer is Specifically Meant for Shower Drinking

If you’ve ever wanted evidence that capitalism creates false needs, look no further than Stockholm-based creative firm Snask’s latest brew. The product is a sweet, pale ale called “Shower Beer,” meant to be hurriedly imbibed in three gulps in the shower. Snask promises that the beer is strong enough to “kickstart the night and act as your power up while fixing your hair.”

Snask left the brewing end of the deal to Stockholm’s Fredrik “Pangpang” Tunedal, founder of the Pangpang Brewery, Sweden’s self-proclaimed number-one micro-brewery. Snask claims that shower beers are in high demand, boasting a sold-out first batch with a second batch already in the brewery tanks. So, if that Budweiser feels out of place in the shower, consider Snask’s brew.

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