You Can Now Buy Baking Mixes Inspired by Girl Scout Cookies

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No need to freeze your Thin Mints anymore—Girl Scout cookies are getting a lot easier to buy. In late 2014, the Girl Scout corporation began selling the cookies online, and now, the brand has announced a collaboration with Pillsbury to create a line of Girl Scout cookie baking mixes.

So far, the varieties available are Thin Mint Flavored Brownie Mix, Thin Mints Flavored Cupcake Mix, Caramel & Coconut Flavored Blondie Mix, and Caramel & Coconut Flavored Cupcake Mix. The flavors are inspired by their two most popular flavors, Thin Mints and Caramel deLites/Samoas, and will be sold in grocery stores year-round for $3.29.

Unfortunately, they’re not selling Girl Scout cookie mixes, so you’ll still have to hunt down a Girl Scout during Girl Scout season for the cookies themselves.

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