Watch Jenny Yang's Hilarious Parody Response to Bon Appetit's "How to Eat Pho" Video

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Following Bon Appetit’s rather insensitive “Pho is the New Ramen” video, a fantastic parody response has arisen.

Writer and stand-up comic Jenny Yang, reporting for the fictional “Bad Appetite Magazine,” posted a video titled “How to Eat PB&J.” The video scornfully satirizes Bon Appetit’s boneheaded post, which featured a non-Vietnamese chef making rather authoritarian declarations about the “right” and “wrong” ways to eat pho.

With the creative tagline “PB&J is the new grilled cheese,” Yang’s video finds her appearing as Sammy Chu, a restaurateur at “Sandwich” in LA’s Chinatown neighborhood. She declares herself an expert of PB&J, then prepares a stomach-turning sandwich with peanut butter, mayonnaise and salt.

Watch the video above, and find our examination of how Bon Appetit’s video raises important issues of cultural appropriation here.