Free Burritos, Please: Chipotle is Creating a Rewards Program, Starting this Friday

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Following an E. coli outbreak at Chipotle stores across the nation, sales have fallen for the fast-casual chain—so much so that Moe’s has replaced it in becoming America’s favorite Mexican fast-casual chain. To bring its customers back, Chipotle has created a three-month rewards program.

The program begins on July 1 and rewards customers for returning to stores with free entrées. Each day that a customer visits (and orders a meal over $6) will be counted towards either the Mild, Medium or Hot status. Once a customer reaches a new status, the so-called Chiptopia rewards the customer with a free entrée. To get the Mild status, customers will need to visit a store four times within a month. The number of visits resets each month, but if customers reach the Mild status each month from July to September, they will receive a free entrée. If they reach Medium status every month, they will get $20 in Chipotle merchandise (because who doesn’t want to look like a Chipotle employee?). If they reach Hot status, they will receive catering for 20 people (in case they haven’t tired of Chipotle yet).

Customers can join the rewards program by picking up a Chiptopia card and registering in stores. They will also get free chips and guacamole for joining in July.

For details, check out the chart below and visit the Chiptopia website here.


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