How Much Coffee or Chocolate Does it Take to Overdose?

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How Much Coffee or Chocolate Does it Take to Overdose?

There’s a really common argument that many people use when it comes to marijuana that you would have to smoke or eat a ridiculous amount to die, and to be honest, that’s pretty valid. If you can figure out how to smoke nearly 1,500 pounds of weed in 15 minutes (or eat almost 50 pounds the edible kind), then you’ll probably end up in a coffin, but otherwise it’s not likely.

Other foods, however, take maybe more or less than you’d expect. Popular Youtube channel AsapScience just released a video that scientifically explains how and why you’ll die if you eat or drink too much of something. If you think you drink too much coffee because you have four or five cups a day, you’re probably okay. The amount it would take to kill a person weighing 70 kilograms (or roughly 154 pounds) is 70 cups. That is 560 ounces, which is equal to 28 Venti Starbucks coffees. To put this into perspective, the average American only drinks 2.1 cups a day. If you were to drink the deadly 70, you would be dying because of way too much caffeine.

With alcohol, it takes about 13 shots, once again, depending on mass and tolerance. And with chocolate? It would take 85 full-size bars. The common mantra of everything being good in moderation definitely applies when it comes to food and drink, as you can see in the video below.

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