McDonald’s Created a Green Burger Inspired by Angry Birds

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McDonald’s has come up with a lot of good ideas, like all-day breakfast, but some ideas of theirs aren’t so great. Following their premiere of the gray burger bun in October, the fast-food chain has created a new menu item for Angry Birds fans, just in time for The Angry Birds Movie: “The Naughty Green Pork Burger.”

The burger—the Angry Bird-ger, if you will—consists of a pork patty, an egg, lettuce, green buns and a mysterious sauce with jalapeños. That’s jumped on this green grenade by trying the burger and, apparently, it “wasn’t half bad.” In fact, it was “quite satisfying, and [they] are ‘lovin’ it’.”

In addition to the green burger, McDonald’s is also selling the “Angry Red Burger,” featuring a pastel red bun wedged between two chicken patties. Unfortunately, the burgers will only be sold in Chinese McDonald’s, some of which are already Angry Birds-themed.

The Angry Birds Movie is out May 20. You can watch the trailer here.

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