Oreo’s New Chocolate Bars Will Likely Be Your Next Obsession

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Sometimes, it’s hard to top perfection. Oreo created a perfect cookie, and despite its many attempts to throw some variety into that formula, it has usually fallen short of the brand’s signature product. That all may change with the introduction of Oreo’s new line of chocolate bars.

The new bars are a collaboration with German chocolate manufacturer Milka, and feature an inside-out Oreo stuffed inside German milk chocolate. The bars were already a big success in Europe, and now they’re headed Stateside.

They’ll be available in two versions: the regular bar filled with vanilla cream and bits of Oreo, all coated in German chocolate, and the Big Crunch Bar, which is 10.5 oz. (three times the size of a regular bar) and contains an entire layer of Oreo cookies inside.

The bars are only available in limited areas right now, with wider distribution coming in January of 2017. The wait will likely be unbearable, but just know that we are suffering with you.

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