Publishing Rights for Alan Wake Return to Developer Remedy

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Publishing Rights for Alan Wake Return to Developer Remedy

2010 cult-classic game Alan Wake has run into distribution mishaps for some time now, which is a shame considering its loyal fanbase—one that has been hankering for a sequel for years. With publishing rights out of developer Remedy Entertainment’s hands, and even a short stint where the game had to be removed from digital stores due to its music licensing rights expiring, Alan Wake has had a rough go.

Odds that a follow-up is coming just went from “impossible” to “hm, maybe,” though, because Remedy just regained publishing rights to the Alan Wake series.

Even though the original developer, Remedy, has owned the rights to the Alan Wake IP since its 2010 release, the actual holders of the franchise’s publishing rights was Microsoft, limiting it to only an Xbox and PC release. With the rights returning to Remedy, though, that means the developer could potentially bring the game to other consoles like the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch.

This also means that the long-awaited sequel maybe finally be more than just a fantasy at this point: “We could bring Alan Wake to different platforms if we so choose,” a Remedy spokesperson told Eurogamer Monday. However, an Alan Wake 2 probably wouldn’t happen for quite some time, as Remedy is currently focused on its upcoming August release Control, as well as having other projects being developed behind the scenes. “We have nothing to announce for now,” the spokesperson added.

Here’s hoping that one day we’ll finally get the next chapter in Alan Wake’s story.

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