New ARMS Character Is a South American-Based Fighter Named Misango

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New ARMS Character Is a South American-Based Fighter Named Misango

With the 4.0 update of Nintendo Switch fighter ARMS comes a new character, Misango. Per the Nintendo Treehouse blog, the character’s design is based on South American culture, utilizing the power of spirits.

The spirit companion that accompanies Misango provides the fighter with some abilities, gained by absorbing it—the spirit will rotate in three different colors, red, yellow and blue, each with a different ability attached. Red provides the character with a horned mask that allows him to resist flinching. Blue gives Misango a mask with wings, which makes the character more mobile. Finally, the yellow spirit gives the fighter a spiky mask that lets him “automatically block all incoming blows for a short period of time upon activating his rush combo.”

With Misango comes three new ARMS: the Scorpio, Glusher and Skully. The Scorpio will actually crawl on the ground and initiate a stabbing attack that poisons opponents. The Glusher also has poisonous attributes, but bounces before hitting opponents, and well-executed arcs will have the Glusher “sail over ARMS that travel in a direct line.” The also-poisonous Skully, on the other hand, is one of the fastest ARMS in the entire game.

The character is said to have a “medium-high” learning curve, but players can practice with him right now in the new Temple Grounds stage, as the free 4.0 update for ARMS is live.

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