Feast Your Eyes Upon Atari’s Forthcoming Console

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Feast Your Eyes Upon Atari’s Forthcoming Console

We found out last month that retro-gaming royalty Atari was coming out of the woodwork with a new modern console in development. Today, the team gave us a sneak peek at its first system in over 20 years.

While we don’t have major details on pricing, specs, titles and timing quite yet, today’s look shows off the Ataribox’s sleek design, inspired by its modern competitors and 1976 origins. There will be two versions of the console, one with a wood faceplate and the other with red.

Those famous Atari ribs will flow around the body of the system seamlessly, and the logo and indicator lights will glow through the faceplate. And of course, it’s updated for the times: The new system will feature four USB ports, an HDMI port and room for an SD card.

If that’s not enough to get you hot and heavy while you’re waiting, check out the product shots Atari shared today below.

Ataribox 2.jpeg

Ataribox 3.jpeg

Ataribox 4.jpeg

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