Avalanche Studios Tease New IP in Hashtag-Riddled Tweet

Another day, another game, another tease

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Avalanche Studios Tease New IP in Hashtag-Riddled Tweet

Avalanche Studios have taken to Twitter to tease the existence of a new IP that is currently in development at the studio that created Just Cause and 2015’s criminally underrated Mad Max game. The tweet features an offhand image that seems to show a first-person shooter, and the many hashtags in said tweet hint both at the game’s title and that it could be revealed as early as tomorrow, June 7.

Avalanche has been a busy studio lately, from the announcement that they are co-developing Rage 2 with id Software to their being acquired by Nordisk Film. Given the studio’s track record, whatever their new game it is, it will probably offer a fresh and exciting twist on a well-worn genre. In this case, it seems to be a first-person shooter and Rage 2 aside, seeing what Avalanche could bring to the genre is a wholly exciting prospect.

Hopefully, we will learn more tomorrow, as the tweet leaves little more than an image and hashtags to go on. Until then, enjoy a trip down memory lane and give our Just Cause 2 review a read, because that game is still as fun today as it was over eight years ago.

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