Awesome Games Done Quick 2018 Sets a New Donations Record

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Awesome Games Done Quick 2018 Sets a New Donations Record

The runners have wrapped for another year, but Awesome Games Done Quick 2018 saved its greatest achievement until the final donation tally. After a week of non-stop streaming and speedrunning, AGDQ 2018 set a new record for donations with a total of $2,263,508.19, as Polygon points out.

The donation amount tops last year’s total by roughly $40,000, with AGDQ 2018 becoming the second edition of the event to eclipse $2 million in donations. This year’s event benefits the Prevent Cancer Foundation, with the record-setting amount going toward cancer prevention and early detection.

The event, which featured upwards of 150 speedrunners, brought in donations from over 32,000 people, with more than 130 donating $1,000 or more. The total also marks the sixth time in seven years that Awesome Games Done Quick brought in more in donations than the previous year. With the addition of the record-setting amount, Games Done Quick has now raised a total of $14.5 million.

The event itself was beyond exciting, featuring many memorable runs. All of the week’s runs are being archived over on YouTube, but the archives are already up on Twitch. (Those might be easier to navigate with some time stamps.)

From an outstanding New Game Madhouse Resident Evil 7 Biohazard run by CarcinogenSDA to zallard1’s simultaneous beatdown of Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!! and Super Punch-Out!! using one controller, to Halfcoordinated’s back-to-back one-handed runs, there is plenty of amazing work to go back and relive while we all wait until Summer Games Done Quick 2018, starting on June 24.

Oh, and don’t forget the Superman 64, Bloodborne and Mega Man 1-3 relay race runs, as well. There’s just too many.

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