Balrog and Ibuki Coming to Street Fighter V This Week

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Street Fighter V is getting two new DLC characters for free, Balrog and Ibuki. They will both be released in an update this Friday. Players will have to unlock Balrog and Ibuki by completing in-game challenges. Capcom announced they will ultimately release six DLC characters for free, and these two are the third and fourth. At the end of Balrog’s reveal trailer you can catch a glimpse of Juri and Urien, who are expected to be the fifth and sixth DLC characters.

Friday’s update will also bring the long-promised Story Mode to Street Fighter V. The Story Mode will be playable with every character, including Juri and Urien, upon release (though those too will not be playable in any other mode until their ultimate DLC release). Story Mode is expected to be about four to six hours long and bridges the gap between Street Fighter III and Street Fighter IV.

Check out Balrog’s reveal trailer below to get a feel for his moveset before Friday’s release.

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