DICE Details Battlefield V During Live Reveal, Announces No Premium Pass

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DICE Details Battlefield V During Live Reveal, Announces No Premium Pass

After some leaks, official announcements and a week of teasing, DICE delivered on their promise and unveiled some juicy details about Battlefield V. During Wednesday’s live reveal stream, it was finally confirmed that the game will be going back to WWII, with a release date of Oct. 19. That’s not the only news though, as DICE also announced that Battlefield V will not have any kind of Premium Pass.

All new maps post-release will be available to download for free and for all players, starting with the “Fall of Europe” content update in November. This news is sure to whet the appetite of longtime fans who often can’t play with friends because they are unable to pay for DLC.

A number of new and returning features were also confirmed for the game. The first is the return of War Stories, the story mode campaign that’s made up of chapters featuring different tales from a number of protagonists. Player will once again be able to go into Battlefield V together in co-op, and another multiplayer mode called “Grand Operations,” which is presumably the successor to the Operations mode in Battlefield 1, is set to make its debut. Players will also have several customization options at their disposal. Everything from your company’s and individual character’s appearance to their weapons, vehicles and abilities are fully customizable.

DICE was keen on letting host Trevor Noah and viewers know that there will be no “pay-to-win” features in the game. This is probably a bit of damage control and goodwill generation from Electronic Arts after last year’s Star Wars: Battlefront II controversy. The game’s multiplayer didn’t get much of a grand reveal but expect a better look at Battlefield V’s multiplayer gameplay during the EA Play event next month on June 9-11.

In the meantime, watch the fantastically gritty first official trailer for Battlefield V below.

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