Bethesda Keeps Teasing Something, with a Possible Reveal Coming May 14

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Bethesda Keeps Teasing Something, with a Possible Reveal Coming May 14

Wednesday’s leak of multiple unannounced titles, which were presumably scheduled as surprise announcements at E3, was met with expected silence from many publishers and developers, but Bethesda leaned into the chaos. In a tweet, the company retweeted a playful criticism of the placeholder listing for Rage 2 on Walmart Canada by the official Rage Twitter account, including a pink anarchy symbol reminiscent of the original Rage logo. Noticeably absent from the tweet was a denial of the sequel’s existence.

Many took the tweet as a de facto confirmation of the existence of the game, but Bethesda spun elements of that tweet into multiple teases that have stoked rumblings within the gaming community that an announcement from the studio is coming next week.

First came a Thursday tweet featuring a clocktower smeared in the same shade of pink, with the arms pointing to the time 5:14.

Then came a tweet posted at 5:14 p.m. ET, depicting a rocket firing toward the sky and billows of pink smoke emanating from the bottom, with “5-14” branded on its side.

The company followed those up with another cryptic tweet depicting the Sukiyabashi Crossing in the Shibuya area of Tokyo, which is where the Sony Building is located, also smeared in pink.

The two most recent tweets on Friday depicted two Rage cosplayers among members of the public.

Every esoteric hint put out by Bethesda over the past few days has been meticulously critiqued, with many believing they point to an announcement coming on May 14. What will be announced remains a mystery, though. There are obvious signals to the existence of Rage 2, making it very likely that any planned reveal will include the title, but other fans have identified the tweets as pointing toward the unveiling of the studio’s long-awaited space-themed RPG Starfield.

For now, all anyone can do is guess and wait for the next bread crumb to drop. If Bethesda does have something set for May 14, we at least won’t have to wait much longer to find out what this invasion of pink means. It also means we’ll probably have to deal with a weekend inundated with more Twitter teases.

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