New Call of Duty: Cold War Cinematic Shown At Gamescom Opening Night

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New Call of Duty: Cold War Cinematic Shown At Gamescom Opening Night

More information and a new cinematic for Call of Duty: Cold War Cinematic was shown at today’s Gamescom Opening Night live stream. Dan Vondrak from Raven Software discussed the information for the Black Ops sequel, giving a first look at the new game’s themes, characters, and take on President Reagan.

“We love the idea of returning to the pillars that built the Black Ops franchise. Denial operations, conspiracy ground in history and that shadowy world of paranoia,” Vondrak said. “It’s something that we know would feel relevant to today and also uniquely Black Ops”

Black Ops characters Woods, Hudson and Mason are returning to the game, along with some new recruits. Also returning to the series is more nonlinear gameplay, with players being able to create their own character and make decisions throughout the campaign that will ultimately affect the ending.

At the end of the interview, Vondrak showed a new Cinematic from the game in which more information on the story was shown, as well as a fully animated President Reagan.

The cinematic shows a group of men debating whether or not to track down a Russian spy, Perseus, during a CIA briefing. President Reagan enters the room, giving his thoughts on the mission and deciding it a risky, but necessary operation. You can check out the trailer below.

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