Report: Call of Duty Once Again Hears the Call of World War II

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Report: Call of Duty Once Again Hears the Call of World War II

Folks, I think Call of Duty is running out of wars to cover, because it sounds like the next game in the series may be going back to World War II.

This news comes out of Modern Warzone, a news site dedicated to all things Call of Duty, which reported that the upcoming title would come from Sledgehammer Games and that the game’s working title was Call of Duty WWII: Vanguard, though they indicated that the subtitle would likely be dropped in the future. As well as being set during WWII, Modern Warzone reported that the game would stretch a bit beyond the scope of the war, reaching into the 1950s. This news was then at least partially confirmed by Eurogamer.

What looks to be firm is that Sledgehammer is indeed developing the game and that “Vanguard” is the subtitle, though Eurogamer reports that Activision is currently looking to keep the “Vanguard” subtitle. What isn’t so firm seems to be the time period reported, which Eurogamer has gone so far as to debunk, stating that the upcoming game will stick to “a traditional WWII setting.”

Around this time of year is when all the Call of Duty leaks and announcements start happening, so this news comes as no surprise. World War II has also always been a strong setting for the series, which began there and refought that war for a good long time before moving on and making up new ones to place you in. Someone’s clamoring for this, so good for them.

For now, Activision has only confirmed that a new Call of Duty title will be coming later this year, because of course it will. We should hear all about what this game is, and whether or not it’s keeping the subtitle, pretty soon.

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