Demon’s Souls Online Services to Close Next Year

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Demon’s Souls Online Services to Close Next Year

The action role-playing Dark Souls games have reached legendary status by now, spawning what is essentially their own subgenre. Demon’s Souls from FromSoftware was the first of these titles, and after nine years on the PlayStation 3, its online services will come to an end in 2018.

Atlus’ official website and a tweet confirmed the news.

Demon’s Souls, like its predecessors Dark Souls and Bloodborne, took place in a high fantasy setting, and was notoriously difficult. Its online features were particularly innovative, featuring the ability for players to leave messages for each other and witness the deaths of other players (to help the player avoid such a demise).

The online features for Demon’s Souls were originally going to be shut down in 2011, but the unexpected popularity of the videogame likely resulted in a much longer lifespan. Come Feb. 28, 2018, those still wandering the dangerous and pitch-black dungeons of Demon’s Souls will have to move on to another game.

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