Bungie Releases First Gameplay Trailer for Destiny 2

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Bungie Releases First Gameplay Trailer for Destiny 2

From a public event in Los Angeles today, Bungie live-streamed a host of new information about the forthcoming Destiny 2. As the first true sequel to the 2014 hit game, Destiny 2 promises to expand and reinvent the game in a way that’s just as enjoyable for newbies as well as veteran Guardians.

A few tweaks to the in-game clan functionality should allow different groups to build custom banners and even earn dedicated clan rewards. Additionally, there is a new “guided game” system designed to connect solo players with clans to foster stronger community, especially in regards to high-end activities such as raids.

The PvP Crucible is getting an overhaul as well, notably shifting to 4v4 matches from the traditional 3v3 or 6v6 matches of the previous game. A new gameplay type revolves around attacking one of two enemy strong points and setting a bomb. Once the bomb is placed, players are tasked with protecting it until it can be defused. Rounds can be won by slaying all opponents, successfully defending—and detonating—the bomb or defusing said bomb for the defenders. First team to win six games wins the match. Revives in this game mode are limited by a finite reserve of revive tokens.

Along with the new game type, Bungie revealed three new subclasses. The Hunter, arc-based Arcstrider subclass uses a staff for martial-arts focused close-quarters combat. The Warlock, solar-based Dawnblade subclass chucks fireballs and impales enemies with their giant, fiery sword. Their preferred arena seems focused on ariel combat. Finally, the Titan, void-based Sentinel runs around with a Captain America-esque shield. 

A new in-game map and activity selector will allow for more seamless exploration of a particular Destination. Included in the final game will be several shorter missions called Adventures, as well as dungeon areas referred to as Lost Sectors. Destiny 2 will also launch with four major new locations: The European Dead Zone, the Saturn moon of Titan, Nessus and Jupiter’s moon of Io.

On top of all those changes, Bungie is also simplifying the weapons systems from primary, special and heavy to the easier-to-understand categories of kinetic (normal bullets), energy weapons and power weapons such as rocket launchers and sniper rifles.

The exciting trailer hints at a more cohesive single player from the original Destiny, while showcasing the new classes in action. The game looks beautiful and the action looks suitably intense. Look for Destiny 2 to invade our solar system on Sept. 8 for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Be sure to watch the full gameplay trailer above, and then check out the entire live-streamed reveal below.

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