Tactical Shooter Due Process Now Available on Early Access

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Tactical Shooter Due Process Now Available on Early Access

What would happen if a tactical shooter forced its players to rely solely on each other rather than map knowledge? Due Process, a new tactical shooter from Giant Enemy Crab, is setting out to answer this question as it launches today Steam via Early Access.

Due Process sets itself apart from other team-based tactical shooters by making use of procedurally generated maps rather than static ones. Each map has a custom theme, like a convenience store or factory, but the actual layout changes from game to game.

Other than its procedural map generation, Due Process follows most tactical shooter genre conventions. Two teams, Enforcers and Defenders, of five players compete in rounds of scenarios like bomb planting and defusal.

The game typically runs $24.99, but as a launch special it’s currently 25% off. In addition, buying the game within the first week of release will earn you a second copy to give to a friend.

You can check out the launch trailer for the game below.

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