E3 2016: Robinson: The Journey is the VR Dinosaur Planet Game from the Makers of Crysis

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At E3 this year, Crytek (makers of the Crysis series) unveiled their forthcoming game, Robinson: The Journey, and announced it will be a PSVR launch title. Robinson: The Journey focuses on the titular character Robinson after he crash-lands on an alien planet inhabited by dinosaurs. For the first time, Crytek showed off gameplay this week.

“The good news: your the first human to land on an extra-solar planet,” Robinson’s robot buddy says to him when he wakes up after the crash. Stepping outside the escape pod, Robinson is greeted with a world made for VR exploration. Robinson’s gameplay revolves around navigating your way through this frequently hostile environment without any real weapon to speak of. Robinson’s main tool is a gravity gun (or “remote manipulation device”) that allows him to manipulate and move objects to solve puzzles and get through the world.

Screenshot 2016-06-17 13.30.33.png

At one point in the demo, Robinson is shown interacting with a giant brachiosaurus blocking his path. He plays around with the gravity gun and throws some sort of package at its face, causing the dinosaur to sneeze. Crytek is working to make the world as interactive as possible, so even if something doesn’t solve a puzzle, it produces an interesting result. Robinson eventually gets the dinosaur to move by knocking down nearby fruit.

Screenshot 2016-06-17 13.32.29.png

Robinson: The Journey is powered by Crytek’s famous graphical engine, CryEngine. This is the engine that was known for bringing some of the best gaming PC’s to their knees when the original Crysis was released. Crytek looks to have created an absolutely stunning world. We’re looking forward to playing Robinson when it releases with PSVR this October. Watch the game’s E3 reveal below.

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