Could Square Enix’s Latest Trademarks Be for More Final Fantasy VII Games?

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Could Square Enix’s Latest Trademarks Be for More Final Fantasy VII Games?

The Final Fantasy VII universe looks to be growing again, if we’re to believe a series of trademarks recently filed by Square Enix.

The trademarks filed include the logo for the Shinra Electric Power Company, the big bad company at the heart of Final Fantasy VII and its expanded universe known as The Compilation of Final Fantasy VII. Perhaps the more notable development is the trademarks for two titles going by “Ever Crisis” and “The First Soldier.”

These titles appear to be references to existing aspects of the universe of Final Fantasy VII. “Ever Crisis,” for example, seems to recall the namesake of two games in the Compilation, Before Crisis: Final Fantasy VII and Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII. “The First Soldier” could be a reference to ’s villain, Sephiroth, who is a legendary figure among the ranks of the game’s super-powered military force called SOLDIER.

The Compilation of Final Fantasy VII is a multimedia expansion on the original title, which spawned several games in the same universe, and also grew to include an animated series, movie and tie-in novels. After years of inactivity, last year’s remake marked the first substantial addition to the canon in about a decade. While we knew that sequels to the remake would further build on that, it wasn’t sure that there would be more titles beyond them.

While we have these trademarked titles, there’s no telling what shape they might take in the existing universe if they even come to fruition.

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