Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary Commemorative Wine Will Be a Thing

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Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary Commemorative Wine Will Be a Thing

If you thought for one second that the sudden re-release of Final Fantasy IX would be the biggest piece of Final Fantasy news today, you were dead wrong. In another unexpected move, Square Enix announced today that the 30th anniversary of the never-ending Final Fantasy series will continue, in the form of commemorative wines.

We’re used to something like a coin, a keychain or at the very least toilet paper as commemorative items—but Square Enix, along with The Wine House in Los Angeles, are taking the more classy route. The two wines offered will be limited edition, one being “a 2016 Château des Bois red wine with hints of strawberry” called “Ifrit Rouge,” named after the classic fire summon from Final Fantasy. Along with Ifrit Rogue will come its counterpart, “Shiva Blanc” (after an ice summon), “a well-balanced 2015 Château des Bois white wine.”

Both bottles will be adorned with a 30th Anniversary logo, and will be packaged in boxes featuring art of the summons the drinks are named after. Of course, you have to be of the legal drinking age of 21 to order these online, with Ifrit Rogue available online here, and Shiva Blanc here. According to The Wine House’s website, these will ship in the beginning of this November to arrive by the end of that month.

Along with the commemorative wines, Square Enix is also featuring non-alcoholic 30th anniversary items on their store, including plushes, postcards, mugs and t-shirts.

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