Square Enix Releases Trailers and More Info on Final Fantasy VII and Crisis Core Remakes

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Square Enix Releases Trailers and More Info on Final Fantasy VII and Crisis Core Remakes

At a 25th Anniversary livestream for Final Fantasy VII last week, developer Square Enix revealed a first look at the second part of the Final Fantasy VII remake trilogy, titled Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth. The second game in the trilogy will be released in winter 2023, just under four years after the first installment’s release.

Final Fantasy VII Remake released to critical acclaim in 2020, resonating with many fans of the original as well as those playing it for the first time. Hopes are understandably high for Part 2 of the remake trilogy, which was announced in summer of 2020, making this trailer the first new information that’s been released since then. The trailer doesn’t show any gameplay footage, but focuses mostly on scenes of Cloud walking with other characters while voiceovers hint at some major plot beats recognizable from the original game. If the first part of the trilogy is any indication, though, those beats will be interpreted in new ways when the sequel releases next year.

Square Enix also announced a remaster of 2007 PSP game Crisis Core, Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion. The game will be “way beyond just a simple HD remaster,” featuring voiceovers and new music in addition to graphical enhancements. Crisis Core is a prequel to Final Fantasy VII’s story, an action-RPG where you play as Zack Fair, and was received positively when it was first released. The remaster will come to consoles and PC this winter.

Square Enix’s livestream wasn’t the only source of significant RPG reveals last week. Capcom revealed in a 10th anniversary livestream celebrating cult favorite RPG Dragon’s Dogma that a sequel is officially in development. The original Dragon’s Dogma emphasizes exploration and detailed customization, including a pawn system that lets players use party members designed by others, and vice versa. Details are still scarce, but this announcement ends several years of rumors about the sequel’s existence with a definitive game, though not yet a release date, to look forward to.

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