My Hero Academia Is Dropping In Fortnite Today

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My Hero Academia Is Dropping In Fortnite Today

Fortnite’s never-ending crossover-palooza continues with characters and items from the superhero anime My Hero Academia coming to the battle royale shooter. The series’ protagonist Izuka Midoriya is joining his mentor, All Might, along with his friends Ochaco and Bakugo as the game’s latest purchasable outfits. The four come with matching “back bling” and pickaxes. There are also two new emotes, Hero Analysis, which channels Midoriya’s obsession with studying fighting styles, and Symbol of Peace, where All Might flexes into his powered-up form.

As for gameplay additions, the new Deku’s Smash item will be in rotation, which lets you unleash terrain-obliterating punches that mimic Midoriya’s super strength power, All For One. There is also a new island by the creator team Zen Creative called Hero Training Gym. It’s a team vs. team mode where you pick one of three classes and have access to the Deku’s Smash item. As Epic describes it, “In Hero Training Gym, you’ll earn Rescue Points from eliminations or by capturing Rescue Zones, which will appear periodically across the arena. Players who get an elimination will earn one Rescue Point for their team. If a player is able to maintain position in a Rescue Zone for the time listed, they’ll earn five Rescue Points for their team. The first team to earn 100 Rescue Points wins!”

My Hero Academia is a superhero manga that’s been running since 2014 which has sold over 65 million copies worldwide. Bones began its anime adaptation of the work in 2016, and it is currently in its sixth season with 124 episodes and counting. This Fortnite collab marks the game’s third crossover with a mega-hit Shonen Jump property, and while it’s not quite as meaty as the Dragon Ball event, it still features a new weapon alongside many new skins and in-game quests.

Midoriya joins Goku and Naruto as the latest battle-shonen protagonist in the game, and while Super Smash Bros. may never give us the answer to which of these punchy anime boys would win in a fight, at least now we’ll know which is better with an AK-47. The My Hero Academia event is running until Dec. 29.

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