Gears of War 4 Getting eSports Pro Circuit Sponsored by Microsoft, MLG, GFinity, with $1 Million Prize Pool

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Gears of War 4’s launch in October will mark the beginning of the Gears eSports Pro Circuit. Players will be able to qualify for the Pro Circuit with regional online ladders hosted by MLG, called GameBattles, as well as in daily and weekly online tournaments. In these matches, players will accrue Gears Points for performing well. Gears Points will then qualify players for the international Pro Circuit matches.

The Gears Pro Circuit matches will be held every one to two months in different international cities and will all be conducted via LAN. The top teams from North America, Europe, Latin America and Oceania from the qualifiers will be flown to these tournaments to compete.

The first Pro Circuit tournament is in November and continues through July 2017. The total prize pool of all these tournaments is a staggering $1,000,000. The schedule is as follows:

Nov. 25-27, Columbus, USA

Dec. 17-18, London, UK

Spring 2017, Mexico City, Mexico

Spring 2017, Columbus, USA

Spring/Summer 2017, Paris, France

Summer 2017, Las Vegas, USA

Players will also be able to purchase cosmetic in-game items to support Gears eSports for bigger prize pools and more tournaments. Every week, MLG will broadcast Gears eSports matches, showcasing both up-and-coming amateurs as well as popular pro teams. You can see the full rundown of the Gears eSports Pro Circuit in the video below.

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