Google Announces New Harry Potter VR Game, EVE: Gunjack 2

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Google’s press conference today touched on a number of different new products, and among them was its forthcoming VR app, Daydream. Also announced was the new Daydream View headset, and along with it, a new Harry Potter game based on the forthcoming movie Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, plus the sequel to EVE Online’s VR shooter Gunjack.

The Fantastic Beasts game casts you as a wizard exploring Newt Scamander’s magical briefcase. You’ll use the Daydream controller to lift objects, cast spells and interact with magical creatures.

Gunjack 2, confirmed as a Daydream exclusive, is set in the world of EVE Online on a mining station that needs protection from lots and lots of pirates. You control a turret with some big guns designed to take care of that exact problem.

Google has previously announced other games coming to Daydream, like Need for Speed: No Limits, and studios it’s working with, including Ubisoft. At today’s conference, Google said that they had 50 partners bringing apps and games to Daydream this year, a number that would include non-gaming experiences like Netflix, Hulu, The New York Times and others, with “hundreds more” partners on the way.

Daydream View will release in November for $79, along with the Daydream app. You can see some glimpses of the forthcoming games in the video below.

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