Hideo Kojima Discusses His New Game Death Stranding‘s Influences, Themes and Development

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Hideo Kojima wrote several long posts that he shared on Kojima Productions’ Twitter account. In them, he discussed Death Stranding’s influences, themes and development. It’s clear a lot of thought was put into the game’s title, with death and “connecting strands” being central themes.

This confirms that development has indeed begun, though knowing Kojima (five years passed between his two most recent games, Peace Walker and The Phantom Pain) it could still be a long time before Death Stranding releases.

Kojima’s comments hit on the meaninglessness of death in so many games. From Mario to Dark Souls, death is little more than a stopgap, a time penalty before you try the thing again. It’ll be interesting to see how he tries to subvert that with Death Stranding.

Kojima went on to mention the influence of a book from his youth, Rope by Kobo Abe.

Well, if one of his goals is to create a new genre, then he’s certainly set the bar high.

Kojima also gave an inside look at the process of creating the game’s trailer (which you can watch here). Performance capture was used to bring Norman Reedus into the trailer. This meant a massive camera set-up and the good ol’ motion capture suit.

reedus performance capture

reedus motion capture

We’re excited to see Kojima’s first venture outside the Metal Gear franchise in a long time.

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