Hitman 3’s Season of Sloth Kicks Off with a New Elusive Target

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Hitman 3’s Season of Sloth Kicks Off with a New Elusive Target

As a part of the third installment of Hitman 3’s DLC Seven Deadly Sins, Season of Sloth, Agent 47 is tasked with eliminating a new target. The Liability, an elusive target, has arrived in Berlin and players will have just 10 more days to complete the contract, which expires on June 28.

The target is Terrence Chester, hailed as the laziest building inspector there is. His lack of responsibility has caused the loss of hundreds of lives, all while saving property owners a great deal of money. Out of fear of consequences, he has relocated to Berlin where players will take him out before another disaster occurs.

This mission is a part of the third act of the Seven Deadly Sins DLC, Season of Sloth, which runs from June 15-June 19. Outside of the contract, players will also get to experience a different take on the Dartmoor location and unlock new sin-themed items and a suit to represent the Season of Sloth.

Other new additions include a Location Rotation for Sapienza, allowing players to have free and unlimited access from June 25-July 4. There will also be a new elusive target, The Twin, arriving at Sapienza. One twin is your client and the other is your target, and they will be here from July 2-July 12.

Players can purchase acts of the Seven Deadly Sins DLC individually, or for a discounted price all together. Check out the mission briefing for The Liability Elusive Target below.

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