Insomniac Games Teases New VR Project

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Insomniac Games Teases New VR Project

In a developer spotlight video for Oculus, Insomniac Games teased a new game for the Oculus Rift VR headset. The videogame is poised to offer users an explorative experience in an open-world environment. Insomniac’s previous VR-based titles, Edge of Nowhere and The Unspoken, were less ambitious fare, player movement-wise, with Edge of Nowhere being a linear third-person adventure and The Unspoken being a touch-enabled action game. Movement in virtual reality has been an issue that has plagued the platform from the start—some VR titles inadvertently induce nausea in the player and others just feel downright clunky.

Insomniac hints that they have found a solution for open-world, freeform movement in a VR space. No, it is not the area-specific teleportation that many other VR titles use. It seems to be something else entirely. Insomniac Games has the pedigree to back up their claims: Sunset Overdrive is one of the generation’s most underrated games, and their forthcoming Spider-Man title for the PlayStation 4 looks nothing short of breathtaking. Hopefully, this new VR title eschews the usual baggage that comes with VR games and embraces the core tenants of what makes Insomniac-developed games so special: brilliant worlds, vibrant characters and fun player locomotion through said worlds.

June 7 is presumably the reveal date for this forthcoming title, as the developer diary ends with a stinger that showcases this date, along with the phrase “Reclaim Your World” draped over some sci-fi imagery.

Check out the Insomniac Games developer spotlight video below.

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