Jake Gyllenhaal to Star in and Produce The Division Film

Games News
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Jake Gyllenhaal was just announced as the lead in the film adaption of Ubisoft’s popular online shooter The Division, Variety reports. He will also be one of the producers of the film.

However, the film still does not have a writer attached, so it is unlikely to be out anytime soon, if it even ends up getting made at all. There is a long line of video game film adaptations with big talent attached being announced and never finished, such as Halo which had Peter Jackson working on it or Bioshock with Gore Verbinski. And there is, of course, the question of whether The Division will still even be relevant by the time the film comes out, as it seems to already be waning in the gaming community.

If The Division actually moves into production, significant work will have to be done to make the story more interesting, and less problematic, than that of the game. Eric Van Allen described The Division as morally problematic due to the way it “encourages you to profile, to instantly distrust and even fire upon a person in the streets purely because of their clothes and appearance.”