Kentucky Route Zero: Act 4 Surprise Released Today

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Kentucky Route Zero, the magical realism adventure game from Cardboard Computer, just got its fourth act today, with no prior announcement from the devs. The game has been released in acts ever since the first in January 2013. More than three years later, we’re just now getting the fourth. However, many agree the wait has been worth it for the previous installments. The first three acts have received near-universal praise, and we at Paste enjoyed them quite a bit.

Kentucky Route Zero follows Conway, a furniture delivery person trying to make his last delivery to an address that he’s never seen before. His journey takes him into abandoned mine shafts, office buildings staffed by gorillas, and a flight on a pterodactyl. Richard Clark, in his review for Paste, praised the first act, writing, “At times it feels like a play, with all of the electricity and stakes of a live performance—but then the stage rotates and transforms in a way that seems utterly surprising and supernatural. And you think: this must be real.”

There’s no word yet on the game’s fifth and final act, but considering it took two years between acts three and four, it could be a very long time coming. Check out the newest trailer below, though it may be better to simply go into this strange journey blind.

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