LEGO Dimensions Is Officially Canceled

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LEGO Dimensions Is Officially Canceled

LEGO Dimensions is the latest toys-to-life game to end its life. While reports of its death were recently rumored by Bricks to Life and Eurogamer, the news is now official. Warner Bros. and TT Games announced through Twitter that the LEGO game will receive no further content or expansion packs.

As aforementioned, Dimensions is the third of three main toys-to-life franchise to end its operations for the foreseeable future, with Disney Infinity calling it quits in May of 2016 and Skylanders taking a “hiatus” during 2017 after low sales for recent installments (per Kotaku). Meanwhile, Nintendo’s amiibo series of figures are still going strong, but unlike the other three lines, figures are for multiple games rather than its own platform.

LEGO Dimensions allowed players to bring characters from over 30 properties together through the use of real-life special LEGO figures and a USB toy pad. Some franchises included: Batman, Sonic the Hedgehog, Back to the Future, Doctor Who, Portal 2, The Wizard of Oz and way too many others to mention all at once.

A starter pack was released back in September 2015, with the most recent and final “Wave 9” content (including characters from Teen Titans Go!, The Powerpuff Girls and Beetlejuice) released this Sept. 12. The cancellation comes one year short of the game’s planned “three-year cycle.”

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