Local Multiplayer Sports Game Videoball Coming Out Next Month

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The four-man team Action Button Entertainment have announced their game Videoball is coming out July 12 for Steam, PS4 and Xbox One with a downright charming video. The announcement exudes genuine excitement and seems like it was just made by the four of them, not a marketing team. Now that the game is done, director Tim Rogers would like you to know that he will be hand-delivering it to you in a police car.

Videoball, which we covered all the way back at GDC 2014, is a local multiplayer sports game where two teams of triangles try and hit a ball into the other’s goal. This simple conceit has a surprising amount of depth, reminiscent of last year’s hit Rocket League. As AAA games continue to exclude local multiplayer and co-op, indies like Videoball have risen to fill that void. We’re looking forward to playing Videoball with our friends, in-person, when it comes out next month. Check out the game’s release date trailer below.

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