A Magic: The Gathering Card Just Sold for Over $500,000

Yes, It's Black Lotus

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A Magic: The Gathering Card Just Sold for Over $500,000

If you’re looking to make money, your best bet these days is to invest in collectible cards rather than GameStop stock. Just yesterday, a highly sought after Magic: The Gathering card sold for $511,100 at an auction.

The card in question was the Black Lotus card, released back in 1993 as part of the original release of Magic: The Gathering cards. It’s part of a collection of cards called the Power Nine, which represent nine incredibly powerful cards found in Alpha, Beta and Unlimited sets, available only during the first printing of MTG. While the card is valued for its utility, this particular one sold for such a high amount because it was in perfect condition, and because of a signature by its artist, Christopher Rush, who passed in 2016.

The listing on the PWCC Marketplace claims that, “Designed and illustrated by beloved artist Christopher Rush, the Black Lotus has since become the most valuable and important non-promotional MTG card ever printed, as well as becoming the poster child for the MTG brand.”

In the past, the card has sold for exorbitant amounts but never this much. According to Polygon, the card once sold for $87,000 in 2018 and shattered its record in 2019 at $166,000. It has once again broken its own record with this most recent sale.

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