A Quick Guide to Magikarp Jump

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A Quick Guide to Magikarp Jump

Magikarp Jump is a addictive free-to-play mobile game with an absolutely ridiculous premise. Players must train up their beloved Magikarp to bounce as high as “a baby made out of rubber,” with gameplay that’s perfect for the gamer on the go. Here’s our guide to maximizing your fishy friend and helping them soar.

Take Risks

Some of the random events in this game can end up with your Magikarp getting taken away one way or another. While it might be tragic watching your Magikarp get carried off by a Pidgeotto, it still gives experience to your Trainer. Higher Trainer levels means stronger Magikarp, so it’s better to take those high risk chances when you’re first starting out.

Level Up Food Equally

One of the ways Magikarp gain more jumping power is by eating food that you can spend coins on to level up. The game is more likely to spawn the food with the least bonuses, so it’s best to keep all the food at an even pace instead of focusing on ranking up one over the other.

Decorations Are Better Than Friends

Other Pokemon can help out Magikarp periodically if you’re willing to spend the premium currency to obtain them. There are also decorations for your aquarium that do similar effects. The difference here is the Pokemon have recovery timers whereas the décor boosts are active over all the activities you do. So while it’s tempting to have a cute Rowlet or Litten chilling by your flopping fish, it’s better to reap those other rewards first.

Magikarp Jump is mostly about the time you put into it. These tips will help you power up your Magikarp faster but either way you’re gonna spend plenty of time clicking away at berries in order to help the fish soar. Just keep at it and for once don’t evolve that little weakling!

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