Next-Gen Versions of Marvel’s Avengers Delayed to 2021 as Developer Seeks to Refine Game

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Next-Gen Versions of Marvel’s Avengers Delayed to 2021 as Developer Seeks to Refine Game

It’s going to be a bit longer before the Avengers can assemble on the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X and S. In a blog post on Friday, Marvel’s Avengers developer Crystal Dynamics apologized for the game’s turbulent launch and announced that the game’s next-generation versions would be delayed until 2021 in order to refine the game.

Marvel’s Avengers’ launch was not without turbulence, and we recognize that a number of issues detracted from your enjoyment of the game,” wrote Scot Amos, Head of Studio at Crystal Dynamics. “This does not align with Crystal Dynamics’ value of craftsmanship, and for that we sincerely apologize.”

Crystal Dynamics is offering players a digital thank-you bundle as a sign of their appreciation. The bundle includes 1,500 credits, 7,000 units, 250 upgrade modules, 20 DNA keys and a Sarah Garza-inspired nameplate.

No firm release date for the next-generation versions were given by Crystal Dynamics. The Studio plans on using this delay to focus on four key areas of the game: performance and stability, multiplayer and matchmaking, rewards and late-game content.

The studio confirmed that players will be able to upgrade their game to next-generation consoles at no additional cost. Players will also be able to carry over their existing game saves to next-generation consoles and play multiplayer games cross-generation.

Kate Bishop’s operation, a story which picks up after the conclusion of Marvel’s Avengers’ reassemble campaign, has also been delayed out of October.

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