Mass Effect: Andromeda Gets a Release Date

Games News Mass Effect: Andromeda
Mass Effect: Andromeda Gets a Release Date

The first Mass Effect game in five years finally has a release date. Mass Effect: Andromeda will be coming out for the PC, Playstation 4 and Xbox One on March 21, 2017. BioWare’s next space role-playing game will introduce two new protagonists, the sibling tandem of Scott and Sara Ryder, and will take place over six centuries after the events of the original trilogy. So don’t get your hopes up for a run-in with Commander Shepard. Expect everything else familiar from the older games, though, including a variety of planets to visit, large open-world areas, legions of aliens to hang (and flirt) with, and at least one plot point that will make certain fans irrationally angry. We’ll know more as March 21 grows closer.

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