Where to Find Baby Yoda in the Minecraft Star Wars DLC

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Where to Find Baby Yoda in the Minecraft Star Wars DLC

So, you would like to see the baby. No shame in that, the first thing I did when I loaded the new Star Wars map in the new Minecraft Star Wars DLC is look for the little guy. But Baby Yoda is surprisingly tough to find if you’re just wandering around looking for him. So hey, we’ll help you out: here’s a surefire way to find Baby Yoda in the Minecraft Star Wars DLC.

While other mobs in the Star Wars DLC, like Jabba the Hutt and R2-D2, have custom spawning eggs, Baby Yoda does not. He’s also not a reskinned wolf, fox, or any other tameable creature, so no regular spawning eggs either. There is also no way to craft Baby Yoda. The only way to find The Child is to locate the hideout on Tatooine that’s holding him.

When you spawn into the map, you’ll be at Luke Skywalker’s home on Tatooine. While this may seem like convenient placement, Baby Yoda is actually on an entirely different planet. In the Star Wars DLC map there are not one, but two dioramas of Tatooine for the player to explore. One features scenes from the original trilogy (where the player spawns) and the other is stylized after the first episode of The Mandalorian.

Luckily, the two dioramas are pretty close together. You’ll just need a ship to make the flight between them. Take Luke’s speeder and head in the negative Z direction towards the Mos Eisley spaceport. In the back corner near X:124, Z:-278 there will be an imperial base with a tie fighter ready for commandeering. Hop in that and start heading up above the map to get a good look around.


In the negative Z direction, you should be able to see a very similar looking diorama starting to render. Fly in that direction and The Mandalorian’s version of Tatooine will come into focus. The base holding Baby Yoda is on the negative Z side of the diorama. You’ll easily be able to recognize it If you’ve seen the first episode of The Mandalorian.


From the center of the base, Baby Yoda is locked behind this orange sandstone door. You could mine your way through, but the Minecraft team has gone through the trouble of making this fully functioning door laser. Give the button a click and watch the door’s incineration.


Baby Yoda will be on the right hand side of the base at X:77, Z:-817, with his carrier doors slid up. You’ll have to “tame” him in order to get him to pop his head out. To do that, you’ll need a rabbit stew. The map designers were gracious enough to put a chest containing rabbit stew right next to Baby Yoda. With the Star Wars DLC texture pack on, the chest will be the blue box near a stack of red ones directly to the right of the carrier. It should only take one stew for Baby Yoda to fully trust the player, and open his carrier up.


Now you too can enjoy the responsibilities of parenting in a galaxy far, far away. Baby Yoda will naturally follow you, similar to how wolves operate in the base game. If you press the place button, The Child’s carrier will close back up, and he’ll stay put in that location. Remember: this is the only Baby Yoda on the map, so be sure to protect the small guy as if you were the Mandalorian himself.

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