Play Your NES Classic Wirelessly With New Bluetooth Controller

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The NES Classic Edition is the hot-ticket item for the gamer on your holiday shopping list, but it does have one drawback that can’t be denied: the controller cord is way, way too short. Maybe Nintendo’s goal was to force you to sit on the floor staring up at your TV like you did as a kid all those years ago, but it’s 2016 and we want to relax into our couches, thank you.

To remedy the issue, wireless controller company 8Bitdo has made a bluetooth receiver that plugs into the NES Classic Edition so you can play those sweet 8-bit games wirelessly. The NES30 Classic Edition Set also comes with one of 8Bitdo’s wireless NES controllers, if you want to fully recreate the NES experience, but the receiver will also pair with PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and Wii U Pro controllers, as well as Wii Remotes.

The set is being sold exclusively through Amazon for $39.99. You can pre-order it here ahead of its release on Dec. 16. Find the full tech specs for the NES30 Classic Edition below—click to enlarge.

NES Classic Receiver Specs Full.jpeg

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