All the New Switch Games Announced at Nintendo’s Indie World Showcase

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All the New Switch Games Announced at Nintendo’s Indie World Showcase

Nintendo’s Indie World Showcase presentation today revealed 19 new games coming to Nintendo Switch, both brand new games and recent ports. Several full trailers were featured, while the last five games on this list got just brief glimpses. Nintendo of America’s Senior VP of Publisher and Developer Relations, Steve Singer, expressed gratitude for the “trailblazing independent developers who craft these beautiful experiences for Nintendo Switch players, and who help Nintendo Switch continue to be a destination for diverse games that entertain and delight us in surprising ways.”

You can watch Nintendo’s full presentation below, followed by the full list of games, with rating and release date information where available:

Sea of Stars: retro-inspired turn-based RPG, coming Holiday 2022 from Sabotage Studio (and a prequel to their previous game The Messenger, featuring music from Chrono Trigger, Chrono Cross, and Xenoblade Chronicles 2 composer Yasunori Mitsuda

Aliisha: The Oblivion of the Twin Goddesses: single or co-op puzzle adventure game, rated E, coming Spring 2022 from UNDERSCORE and PQube

Endling: Extinction is Forever– a simulation adventure game where you play as “the last mother fox,” rated T, coming Spring 2022 from Herobeat Studios and HandyGames

Figment 2: Creed Valley: an action-adventure puzzle game set inside the human mind, rated E-10+, coming Feb. 2022 from Bedtime Digital

OlliOlli World: a skateboarding action-adventure in Radlandia, rated E-10+, coming Feb. 8 2022, for $29.99 from Roll7 and Private Division

Afterlove EP: a dating sim, rhythm game, narrative adventure set in Jakarta, Indonesia, rated T, coming Summer 2022 from Pikselnesia and Fellow Traveller

Loco Motive: a point-and-click comedy whodunnit that takes place on a train, coming Summer 2022 from Robust Games and Chucklefish

River City Girls 2: a side-scrolling arcade brawler, coming Summer 2022 from WayForward

Dungeon Munchies: a side-scrolling action-RPG where you play as the undead, rated T, available today (Dec. 15 2021) for $16.99 from maJAJa and Chorus Worldwide Games

Let’s Play! Oink Games: a huge digital board games collection, rated E, available today for $21.99 from Oink Games

OMORI: a top-down RPG about mental health with a fun soundtrack and psychological horror elements, coming Spring 2022 from OMOCAT LLC

Chicory: A Colorful Tale: a top-down coloring book adventure game, rated E, available today for $19.99 from Finji

Timelie: a puzzle adventure game, rated E-10+, available today for $19.99 from Zordix

Don’t Starve Together: the standalone multiplayer expansion to wilderness survival adventure game Don’t Starve, rated T, available Spring 2022 from Klei Entertainment

Gerda: A Flame in Winter: an RPG-lite narrative experience set in Denmark during World War II, rated T, available in 2022 from PortaPlay and DONTNOD Entertainment, who released a trailer for the game today:

Grime: a side-scrolling action RPG that looks like a Metroidvania, rated T, available Summer 2022 from Akupara Games

Behind the Frame: The Finest Scenery: an interactive fiction/puzzle/adventure game about an artist finishing the final piece of a gallery submission, rated E, available Spring 2022 from Silver Lining Studio and Akupara Games

Parkasaurus: a dinosaur tycoon management sim for people that learned the right lessons from Jurassic Park, rated E-10+, available Spring 2022 from Washbear Studio

Baby Storm: multiplayer action-party game, rated E-10+, coming Jan. 21 2022 from Forever Entertainment

There are a lot of exciting games from new and established studios, trying their hand at familiar genres or trying to expand genre definitions. Like every little thing Nintendo does, this presentation will likely stir lots of anticipation and debate among Switch owners.

You can also view the list and presentation on the Nintendo website.

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