Nintendo Announces the Portable, Budget Switch Lite

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Nintendo Announces the Portable, Budget Switch Lite

Nintendo has finally revealed the successor to the decade-plus long rule of the DS family: the Switch Lite.

In a video released Wednesday, Nintendo executive and game designer Yoshiaki Koizumi described the spinoff console as a “compact, lightweight and easy to take with you on the go” version of their flagship Nintendo Switch. It can play most of the same games as its predecessor, as well, as long as the game supports playing in “handheld mode.” It’s also available at a lower price point of $199.99, which is $100 cheaper than the regular Switch.

The Lite won’t connect to a TV and is slightly smaller than its sibling. It’s also missing the Switch’s signature Joycons. Instead, the Lite is one solid piece of plastic. It makes the whole console look a bit like an oversize PSP.

No Joycons means no IR motion camera or HD Rumble support, either—don’t expect to play Nintendo Labo anytime soon with this handheld device. However, Joycons (sold separately) are still compatible with the system for local multiplayer play.

There are a few other hardware tweaks, as well: The Lite has a D-pad on the left-hand side instead of the Switch’s directional buttons. The console doesn’t have a cool kickstand, and it has a slightly longer battery life.

Nintendo is also doing the iPhone 5c thing and making the Switch Lite in a few eye-popping, candy-shell colors, like yellow and teal (and a monochrome for those who prefer being boring). There’s also a cool pink and blue limited-edition Switch Lite for Pokémon fans that will include an etching of Sword and Shield legendaries Zacian and Zamazenta on the back.

The Switch Lite is set to launch Sept. 20. Watch the hilariously goofy (an astronaut plays the Lite in space) announcement video below.

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