Forty Things You Should Know About Nintendo’s DSi XL

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That’s big, as in extra large.

And that’s what Nintendo hopes the new DSi XL will be—big news, a big deal and big money. So in the interest of covering the massive hugeness that is the DS XL, we give you this ridiculously long list of things you should know about Nintendo’s DSi XL.

1. The XL boasts 93% more screen space than the DSi.

2. Fortunately, the XL is not 93% more expensive. It runs $189.99 compared to the DSi at $169.99, which is about 11% more expensive.

3. The XL is still $311 cheaper than an iPad for a touch screen system that can play games and connect to the Internet.

4. The XL comes bundled with three titles—but no games—making you wonder about the future of the DS as a gaming platform.

5. The included tiles include Brain Age Express: Math, Brain Age Express: Arts &; Letters, as well as Photo Clock, making you wonder if the future of the DS is a platform for senior citizens.

6. In addition to the teeny stylus you lose all the time, the XL also comes with a supersized stylus shaped like a Sharpie marker.

7. Because the new stylus is HUGE and looks like a regular pen, you will try to write on paper with it.

8. The bigger form factor and stylus actually make this machine comfortable for an adult to use. Daddy has a new DS!

9. The bigger screen makes typing with the stylus almost enjoyable.

10. And you will probably lose the big stylus too, because there is no little storage slot on the machine.

11. The teeny stylus is actually bigger too. Side by side, the standard XL stylus is 4 millimeters longer than the DSi, stylus. 4 whole millimeters!

12. DSIXL should not be the name of a game system. It should be a top secret code for some military missile silo.

13. Then again, the name could have been worse, Other names Nintendo considered included “DSi Comfort,” “DSi Executive,” “DSi Premium” and “DSi Living.”

14. The XL manual is huge too. It comes in full color and three languages and is about the size of a DS Lite.

15. Weighing in at close to ¾ of a pound, this contender is 32% heavier than the DSi. Once again Nintendo goes against the expectations and pushes the limits of what you can call portable. Welcome to the first Nintendo luggable.

16. This system won’t fit in your pants pocket, unless you wear those army fatigues with the cargo pockets on the side.

17. Even though the machine is bigger, the buttons are all in the same place and are the same size as the DSi.

18. In fact, other than being bigger, the XL works just like a standard-sized DSi.

19. The DSi charger fits the XL. Hooray!

20. The DS charger does not. Bleh.

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